Soft Fresh Berry Pavlova Roulade

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Soft Fresh Berry Pavlova Roulade

By Tom Flavin

90 Mins

Difficulty: Easy

Serves 6 generous portions

Soft Pavlova Roulade



  • 250gr Egg White (approx 8 eggs)
  • 500gr Caster Sugar



  • Whipped Cream x ½ litre
  • Seasonal Berries 300gr cleaned with stalks removed



Procedure to make Meringue 

  • Whisk egg whites until lightly fluffy
  • Whisk in 1/3 sugar
  • Then whisk in another 1/3
  • When almost stiff add final 1/3 sugar
  • Pipe or palate knife on to tray approx 2cm thick
  • Cook at 125˚c for 25 mins for sticky meringue or 100˚c for 1½ hours for hard meringue

Procedure to make Roulade 

  • Lay Pavlova on greaseproof paper or tea towel
  • Spread on even layer of cream and sprinkle on prepared berries
  • Roll up like Swiss roll
  • Portion